What clients are saying..



It was 30 years ago Meena Montemayor therapeutically impressed upon me personal accountability and personal responsibility.  Learning  this allowed me the ability to  promote a positive self-esteem and self-worth that I’ve carried with me throughout my adulthood. Meena did not fix the problem, she held Me accountable for Me and 30 years later I’m still doing it.   Meena made all the difference in my life by providing a safe, confidential atmosphere. Her professionalism, caring counseling relationship with follow up and commitment to my short term and long term goals. Her availability, her honest organic style of communication promoted trust and healing.

Today, I am a Father, a Registered Nurse, and a Musician- Thank you Meena…John Papp

Ms Montemayor helped me a lot during a really rough time. I returned to High School after being out of school for 3 years. She put me in her counseling groups and checked up on me. I gave up on graduating because of my Math grade, Ms Montemayor found out and talked to  my teacher, to give me a chance to improve my grade and I did it!  I kept telling her I was not going to the Prom, but she got me to go anyway.                                Big Nate


Ms. Montemayor was my school therapist for 3 years.  At first, I had no intention of talking about my problems, but she got me to talk.  Although I did not see her every week I knew when we met, we were going to get stuff done.  She helped me through so many different things, and believed in me.  She made me laugh and I could always depend on her.        A.P 


Ms.  Montemayor has been my school therapist for almost 6 months, and my meetings with her have already impacted my life.  My sessions with her helped me focus on myself and my strengths rather than my situation.  It feels good to have a place to talk about everything in a way I don't typically do.  Every meeting I have had seems like I was talking to my Aunt, which is a good thing.         Patrick

Ms. Montemayor was my counselor for the last 2 years of high school.  If I 'm being completely honest, I was really unsure about talking to anyone about my feelings, specifically to a stranger.  She slowly broke my wall & made me feel the most comfortable I have ever felt.  She even pushed me a little out of my comfort zone just to get me to open up.  I can honestly say she helped me in a every way possible.  I couldn't have asked for a better counselor, it was like she became family in the making  by helping me through all of my hard times.  She is the Best!                              Alyssa M